Friday 12 November 2010

Mathew Williamson, London

I mentioned recently about the use of Copper as a trend in store windows and how this has been translated from places such as Mango into trends in Interiors at the likes of Zara home.  Interestingly enough we are seeing a whole lot of schemes reflecting this trend and none more so than designers such as Mathew Williamson.  I haven't always included the schemes from this brand on this site as some of the uses of the product and the vehicles which carry them have not always been used in a particularly creative way, however it was worth noting that this scheme in particular had clearly picked up on the Copper trend through its merchandise.  Georgina Goodman around the corner on Bond st. has also picked up on this trend with the use of their shoes placed within these spinning spheres - although as from yesterday the merchandise has now changed.

Georgina Goodman

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