Friday, 26 November 2010

Levis, London

I've been following what this store have been doing for quite some time now and since their re-launch several months ago, Levi's have been showcasing the most incredible schemes and works of Art.  This year 'Levi's London is celebrating [this] Christmas through the eyes of one of London's most talented craft workers inviting Gary Card to create a unique installation in the original space'.  Levi's approached Gary Card 'with three words, Denim, Spots and Play [his] immediate reaction was to create somewhere to explore and discover.'  If you haven't seen this store, do go and check it out along Regent st. as they do produce some wonderful stuff.  Even if you don't like the brand or the product Levi's have very successfully drawn me in and I may just go and take a closer look inside any day soon.

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