Friday 5 November 2010

Esprit, London

I actually really quite liked this scheme from Esprit along Regent st. here in London as I think it reminds me of some of the vintage and historical images that I have in my archives.  Obviously in this case Black and White photographs from 1970's New York which I have purchased on my journeys around the world looking at this stuff.  However, although I am not adverse to a little bit of cardboard engineering, this is, to me, a little bit of an every expense spared kind of scheme, right?  I love the idea of suspended traffic lights in a white glossy material hovering over this Black and White large format graphic, but does it have to be coming out of its 'bits' or hanging literally by a ripped piece of paper and thread?  Ouch, that's gonna hurt, but, well, you know, just telling it like it is.

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