Sunday 31 October 2010

Nike, London

I usually have to drag any enthusiasm out of myself when I look at large corporate brands' concepts, although I have to say I really do quite like the scheme at Nike here in London at their Covent Garden store.  This nostalgic scheme created from fencing reminiscent of a sports court, vintage and contemporary product images and white neon lighting in the form of historical dates really is so incredibly simple and so different from their flag ship store at Oxford Circus.  The difference of course is possibly because the sites fall in different boroughs in London?  The Oxford Circus site of course is within in the jurisdiction of Westminster council and I know from my experience from placing neon lighting in a store window a long time ago in this borough that it didn't last very long once the local authority had their say.  One only has to look at the Bronze lettering uniformly placed above every store along Regent street to see the level of control that's in place here.   This site falls within the London borough of Camden so probably a little more relaxed in allowing creativity to flourish.  Who knows?  Ultimately, great scheme guys.     

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