Thursday 28 October 2010

Market Day

Bonjour...!...Nothing beats the experience of market day for me.  I hate having to get up out of bed at 2.00am and drive for hours and hours along motorways, tiny roads, going through the hassle of passport control, to get to the markets and this time of year is not my favourite when its cold here in the UK.  However, its always worth going even just to have a poke and rummage around the heaps of gems I find here and watching the sun come up, priceless (as they say in the adverts). 
Stuff I never knew I wanted or needed, I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to own - how shallow am I, hey?  Anyway, while shopping for clients here are just some of the delights I found on my various journeys of which I seem to have so many of these days with clients wanting that differentiation from other brands or simply want gorgeous things to look at, touch, feel, look again and enjoy.  I've stocked up on all the latest bits that you may well see in the coming months, so sorry guys.

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