Friday 15 October 2010

Liberty, London

I'm always excited to see what the guys at Liberty here in London are going to do next and they never fail to surprise me.  The latest installation is quite exceptional and what is so interesting here is their quite abstract approach to their installations.  Here we have the latest offering from the creative team which to me is very reminiscent of Hans Bellmar's work and in particular "Death, Desire and the Doll".  Bellmar one said "I want to reveal scandalously the interior that will always remain hidden and sensed behind the successive layers of the human structure and its last unknowns".  Bellmar himself felt [that] "religion was his great enemy, and the Great Britain and America were too puritan to accept his work".  Of course this was written at a time when these countries probably were, however, the problem [he felt] lay between [us] "distinguishing between erotic art (which is at best acceptable) and pornography (which is not)".  While the figures here are neither erotic nor pornographic, what I do find particularly interesting it the use of figures in such an abstract way.  Usually of course mannequins do not 'wear' this kind of merchandise and so this installation has added an additional layer to its use which we don't see very often.  OK, well, some of the mannequins used clearly were never meant to be placed in the position that they have been and in a way this does jar just a little, however maybe this is an indication to suppliers of this stuff that actually we need their product to be able to do a lot more than they currently do?  In the meantime, enjoy this wonderfully avant-garde installation from the coolest guys in town.

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