Tuesday 26 October 2010

John D. Wilson, Artist

I've seen the work of John D. Wilson on many occasions, including the work above situated in the Business Design centre here in London and also once a long while ago on a billboard around Earls Court.  It was a gem of a find but impossible to record as it was situated on such a speedy road.  Anyway, the possible applications of Wilson's work are endless and yet no one has picked this up as a possible solution to the malaise we are experiencing in current commercial concepts - missed opportunity or what.  This work as an installation would be incredible.  So come on retailers why not commission this guy to implement a scheme with you, I can guarantee tourists will be outside having their photographs taken with it, passersby will slow down and take a closer look and you never know, it may increase your sales too.  If anything, everyone will be talking about it, everyone will want to go and look at it, taadaa.....great concept, great publicity, greater brand awareness - job done.  This stuff is not rocket science.

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