Sunday 17 October 2010

Issey Miyake, London

I couldn't help but capture this installation from Issey Miyake.  OK, well the brand is launching their own Evian bottles albeit within a overall cool brand and bottles of the stuff have been placed within a repetition format with vinyl 'motif' flowers' adhered to the fenestration.  My students will be rolling their eyes right now as the mere thought of a 'Motif' is something that is always barred from my studios.  They recognise that this is a last resort by retailers to implement a scheme with minimal output but with the maximum perceived gain.  Anyway, strangely, while these water bottles have been placed in a repetition format, someone didn't quite straighten the mirrored vinyl/background which has actually distorted the bottles of water above.  Whether by default of design this actually works incredibly well and adds a rather more interesting dimension to this concept.

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