Tuesday 12 October 2010

Hobbs, London

Apparently this week is Wool Week - until the 17th October at least - here in the city.  Around town we can see all sorts of creative schemes picking up on this thread (no pun intended) and no more so than Hugo Boss, Jigsaw, Daks, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Saville Row itself.  Apparently Selfridges will be driving a flock of Yellow sheep along Oxford St., Jigsaw is holding knitting lessons, and Saville row has been turfed over so that two flocks of sheep can graze on this sacred tailored ground.  I will try and get some images of these little Gems as this is so incredibly exciting that how could I not share this with you.  These kind of 'happenings' are absolutely what London is about.  The creative thought and the chutzpah of these events continues to make this city the place to be.  In the meantime, Hobbs is one of those brands that I have never covered and usually find myself giving this store a very cursory glance, however, wow guys, I love what you have done here. 

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