Thursday 14 October 2010

Burberry, London

I have been following the schemes here at Burberry in London for some time now.  I've seen the schemes around the world, I've seen the Daniella Westbrook brand killing photographs that seemed to have haunted this brand for years, and most of what these guys have produced visually I really haven't liked at all - possibly because it looked so marketing led and therefore little creativity.  However, this is not to say that this company hasn't done well anyway - in fact I believe profits are extremely healthy right now - perhaps to the detriment of the visual aspect of what they do. Well, anyway, after a long while avoiding what this brand has been doing visually, I must say, hands up, they are looking really good right now.  OK, its the usual illuminated graphic format, but strangely, I was rather wowed by this scheme.  Small nuggets of something in a metallic finish have been strategically placed on the bases of this scheme, vinyl on the fenestration, with beautifully illuminated and immaculately dressed mannequins.......I just feel that finally this is all so much better.

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