Wednesday 8 September 2010

Lladro, London

I've always felt that this kind of merchandise is quite difficult to present well. Its small and detailed and ordinarily would have been placed within much smaller illuminated showcase environments in order to focus the viewers eye toward the piece in question, possibly with a glossy enlarged image behind it - although everyone does it so I would almost certainly avoid this. As Lladro along Piccadilly have quite an open space this does make their job very difficult, however there are a whole range of solutions which before now they have never seemed to have adopted. I was quite compelled to show this one to you as I do think this is actually a great solution to their perpetual presentation problem as it is clear they are not going to reduce the size of their fenestration to accommodate their merchandise - it would have been advisable to have done this in the first instance as the merchandise is simply lost in the volume of space they have. Here in the store Lladro have placed the merchandise on these - probably laser cut - cardboard 'environments' in bright Yellow. What this does of course is immediately draw us in to these tiny 'spaces'. Some of the cut outs have been flipped up although I cant quite work out what they actually are? This could have been a great opportunity to have created a kind of narrative using alternating flipped bits to either spell something, tell a story, information about the product, reveal a brand name.....the list goes on. Obviously this is quite an inexpensive scheme, but there were opportunities to have taken this a lot further than they have. I know a few things that I would have spelt out here for a bit of fun, including 'Lladro', of course.

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