Monday 6 September 2010

Liberty, Fashion's Night Out

This week in London we can look forward to the events of Vogue's Fashion's night out. One thing I am particularly looking forward to seeing is the Manolo Blahnik Pop up store at Liberty here in London. Apparently Blahnik himself is also directing the Christmas scheme here which will be particularly interesting to see, and you can guarantee I'll be there to record it for you. I've only ever seen one Blahnik store which was in the Mall of Dubai in the worlds shopping mecca itself, although like many of the stores with big brand names in Dubai they are mostly franchises and the store wasn't particularly impressive although one has to wonder how much the man himself had to do with it (you can track back into the archives on the site to see some visuals of it) Anyway, with tonnes of events happening this week, I will be out with my camera to record what I can and share my images with you later this week. In the mean time swing by Liberty and have a look at the temporary store, I'll be there and I don't even buy this stuff, but we can all at least just enjoy the spectacle.

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