Thursday 30 September 2010

H&M, London

H&M re-launched in the UK, something like 15 years ago.  Prior to this they seemed quite a sleepy brand known more locally as Hennes and Mauritz and the store in Brighton seemed to be the only store in the UK (well the only one I could find) that sold menswear.  Anyway, once they had relaunched they spread like wild fire, and globally too.  With their initial enthusiasm some of the central stores were changing their schemes virtually daily, until, I guess there were just too many stores to keep up with.  Of course with so many to manage, out rolled the generic schemes of which we have seen a considerable amount of recently.  The site along Regent st. here in London has installed its latest scheme which must be the best I have seen from this brand in a long time.  Wooden model aeroplanes have been suspended in mid flight throughout this space and at various heights.  This is such an incredibly simple scheme which works so well, at least for me. It made me stop and look and record this for you and as a subsequence so did many other viewers.  There are a few bits here that do need tweaking however although I do feel that this was a job well done and a refreshing new direction.  Thanks guys. 

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