Friday, 10 September 2010

Fortnum and Mason, London

If you want to view quality of product presentation you can do no worse than look toward Fortnum and Mason here in London. With painstaking and meticulous detail these guys strive for excellence, achieving nothing less. Their current fantasy woodland scheme with church ruins, brick walls and trees carrying their exquisite product, out sized toadstools and mossy bases is their latest offering to the high street. I know how hard these guys work and I always look forward to capturing their schemes. This is a traditional style of presentation which requires absolute dedication - text book stuff really. Also, the skills and knowledge that these guys have are sadly dying with so many 'multiple' retailers on the high street producing out-of-the-manual-stuff, so if you want or need to know how to do this kind of work correctly with the same conviction and authority that these guys have then keep following them, and you cant go wrong.
Unfortunately, my images don't do this scheme justice, so if you can, swing by the store and have a look for yourself.

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