Monday 27 September 2010

Diesel, London

My sincerest apologies to the window cleaners at Diesel along Bond St. here in London.  I seemed to have smeared the front windows with my saliva while drooling at this latest installation.  If you happen to be here in town this week then you must check out this latest scheme based on "THE CHASE [which] is a short film directed by Will Davidson and commissioned by AnOther Magazine to debut Sophia Kokosalaki's DIESEL BLACK GOLD AW10 collection".  (you can find a copy of the short film either on YouTube or on Diesel's site) This really is an incredibly exciting development in store concepts and presentation which is absolutely the direction we need to be in.  It is creative, informed, exciting, avant-garde and so incredibly interesting.  I need to go back and have another look as my images don't do this scheme justice.  Thank you so much Diesel, this is so refreshing I couldnt wait to share it with everyone here.  In the meantime, I promise not to stand so close to these windows next time.

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