Sunday 26 September 2010

Alex Randall, Bespoke Lighting

Innovative lighting was quite difficult to find at the shows this year, however, Alex Randall was certainly the most exciting work that I have seen in ages.  I can see her installations working incredibly well in any Uber cool Boutique, Hotel, or Bar that would be brave enough to use them.  There is a kind of darkness (ironic I know) to Randall's lighting that makes it so appealing.  I adore the suspended saws with the tube lighting.  Here you can just make out that the blades have been temporarily covered with sellotape (ya' know Health and Safety an all that and its paranoia) but placed higher of course this wouldn't matter.  The Rat swarm lamp was one of the most interesting pieces, if only just a little too creepy for me, but nonetheless, so wonderfully interesting, provoking and judging from the swarms of people around it, it certainly was a hit.  Anyway, check out Randall's website at I think you need to be brave and commission this incredibly talented woman to produce something for your next project, although be prepared of course for Randall's compelling work to steal the show.

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