Monday 23 August 2010

Nicole Farhi, London

If I didn't live in a house that is 110 years old (at least) then I would certainly live in a loft apartment, particularly one of those old factory conversions (as long as I had a wonderful terrace with incredible views of course). Nicole Farhi, along Bond St. here in London have managed to capture my desire within their scheme in a wonderfully simple statement that captures that feeling of an artists studio in some very cool part of town. I love the paint brush stokes in vinyl on the fenestration and the series of artists canvasses strategically placed within the scheme. The figures as always are impeccably dressed in a way that only this team seem to know how. I have been following this brand for quite some time and this year they certainly are leading the way while the multiple brands seem to be struggling their way through the seasonal calender. Anyway, thanks to the ever talented team here we are continually being entertained, provoked and enticed into their stores (I was even drawn in myself to have a look around)

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