Tuesday 10 August 2010

Moschino, London

I really try to like this brand, and I do to a point. However, I really don't like motifs such as Hearts, butterflies and so on. Motifs are a scourge in product presentation and I do always feel that creative teams have simply run out of ideas when they use them. This is, of course one of the signature elements of Moschino, but it doesn't make me like it in the slightest. Anyway, so here we have four bust forms in a linear repetition format with the Heart motif in vinyl attached to the fenestration. The fashion brand Jigsaw used out sized cotton reels earlier this year so sadly this is nothing new. I quite like the giant pin cushion with its out sized pins until at closer inspection it reveals that someone didn't learn how to slip stitch and why oh why is this poorly and amateurishly sewn edge facing the customer flow and right in front of the glass (almost at eye level) for all to see too? I shudder. If you cant sew, don't show everyone. Am just telling it like it is.

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