Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kurt Geiger, London

While dodging the rain, shading from the Sun and avoiding the tourists, just by chance I came across the new scheme at Kurt Geiger. I had almost given up on this brand based on the past few schemes, which as you know from my previous entries were less than complimentary (I'll give you a minute to read them again if you'd like) Anyway, I really do like this scheme. Its witty, its fun, its intelligent and very well produced. Although I don't own this many shoes, I know a lot of female friends who do and they all do exactly this - adhering a Polaroid to their multiple shoe boxes. You gotta love a Polaroid. Having worked for a "multiple" shoe retailer one Summer holiday I do relate to this scheme. Working with shoes is really hard work although I wont bore you with the details of my experience, suffice to say that I hope that female in Glasgow who I got that pair of shoes for in 1991, for which I received an enormously humiliating telling off because it cost the company £5.00 in postage really appreciated the trouble I went to. Retailers and the way they treat their employees for helping customers hey...! In the meantime the narrative here is fun, the execution well produced and I really do hope this brand continue with this quality. I'll keep looking anyway and let you know what they are up to.

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