Saturday 7 August 2010

Ernesto Neto Installation

If there is one thing to experience this Summer it must be the Ernesto Neto installation at the Southbank here in London. The installation is in conjunction with the New Decor, Artists and Interiors Exhibition and is the most incredible structure. The information provided describes this as.....'an abstract, biomorphic quality - evocative of skin and interior body systems - that investigate the way in which spatial alterations transform the relationships between people'. The viewer is guided through a series of interlocking spaces with cushioned soft spaces. The colour, the low level lighting and at at certain points, herbs have been encapsulated within the structure. This installation is quite remarkable appealing to all of the senses. I do find these places and spaces enormously inspiring and a great place to look for new ideas and ways of thinking. If you get the chance, do go and have a look. As part of the adjoining exhibition there is also a hammock made of heavy duty chains - the only thing one can actually touch and interact with here. Great fun if you dare to lay in it.

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