Sunday, 15 August 2010

Diesel, London

"If you've never done anything stupid, you've done nothing at all" I love this campaign from Diesel. The photography campaign is great fun and I particularly enjoyed the scenarios of how to be stupid. This is probably the best campaign I have seen from this brand and they are an excellent example of how a "multiple" brand can be extraordinarily creative. How the marketing campaign has been translated into a window scheme however is another thing. I am not sure that the humour of the campaign has translated that well - but this is not to say that the scheme is in any way wrong of course, I know that its impossible to place mannequins in the positions that the models are in within the original images on their site. I do like the over the over the shoulder strapped 'shields' that the mannequins have been dressed in and the various other props such as spray cans, although the fun is rather lost? Anyway, maybe check out their website and see what I mean?

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