Sunday 22 August 2010

Daks, London

Who is shopping at Daks these days? If I'm honest with you, I have absolutely no idea. I have seen some incredible schemes from this brand over the years and at this store in particular. They have gone through some interesting concepts and they are obviously a wealthy brand if they can maintain a presence along Bond St. here in London but who on earth is shopping here right now? Clearly the product is incredible and beautifully produced, however, this really must be one of the dullest presentations I have seen of 2010. Big words, I know, I appreciate that these things are easy to say when one doesn't have to come up with a solution (however, I am available to work with you to come up with a solution) although if we say nothing then these 'things' are accepted as 'OK' and yet are they? From a potential customer point of view, this is a great space to shop in and a great opportunity to make this brand so wonderful, but I do feel looking at this brand that it lacks anything that would entice me in. Come on Daks, we know you can do it, so please lets see something a little more desirable than a dull large format graphic from a studio somewhere anonymous behind the product and can we see it change a little more often too?

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