Friday, 9 July 2010

Selfridges, London

Whether you want, desire, worship, covet, envy, lust or yearn, Selfridges is the place to be. This store goes from strength to even stronger, and I cant help but love it more and more and be drawn in to spend my ever dwindling cash. Looking is free, of course, but the way these guys present their merchandise does make it ever more desirable that I cant help but want, desire, worship (OK, maybe not worship), envy and lust, almost certainly everything they sell. The atmosphere is electric, the experience is fun and the merchandise is delicious. I may need to have another fix very soon to feed my shopping dependency. Am just kidding of course, but do go and check them out. Simple wooden structures based on White emulsioned bricks create an industrial feel to these windows. If you haven't seen them, go and be seduced.

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