Saturday 3 July 2010

Dunhill, London

Dunhill is one of those brands that I remember so well from the 70's growing up in suburbia, well the countryside actually. OK, if I'm honest, an 'interesting' 1960's council estate in the back of beyond which I am assured will one day be cool to admit. Still, this is not to say that it was unhappy growing up there, nothing could be further from the truth and I am actually thankful for that. "Ya know, it helps me keep it real an' all that". However, the reason I mention that context is that it didn't seem to matter where these tiny towns or places and spaces were, there always seemed to be a Dunhill on the high street. And, it was the kind of place my grandfathers would have shopped, it they had ever shopped at all. This I do doubt. These stores always seemed to have 19Th century shop fronts, the top part of the fenestration was always filled with stained glass, the kind that is Uber cool now for the likes of Anthroplogie et al and seemed to be crammed to the rafters with dusty merchandise and odd looking mannequins. Anyway, I was quite stunned to see this little gem adjacent to Fortnum and Mason just off Piccadilly here in London. My, how times have changed. This store actually looks so cool. OK, not cool as in 'cutting edge' but I am really quite wowed at how these guys have turned this brand around. Suitcases (covered in shiny Silver Vinyl) have been hung and opened as if pouring out the flawless merchandise. I really am surprised at this brand and I do hope that they will nudge a little further forward and continue with this creative streak. This is clearly quality menswear and I may just drop by and take a closer look. Am I turning into my grandfathers?

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