Wednesday 7 July 2010

Butler and Wilson

A few days ago, one of my regular readers asked me if I could find the Butler and Wilson Store here in London and if I would feature this store for her as she had seen a lot of their 'stuff' on QVC. She did mention how "outrageous" their jewellery was and yet, how much she thought I may be interested in reviewing it. Well here you go. Along South Molton St. here in London is their incredible store. Jewellery and these kind of accessories are notoriously difficult to present effectively, however these guys do it quite well. I am not quite sure about the use of the mannequins here, and in display dynamic terms, this doesn't work particularly well. On viewing the store, I do feel that if these guys are going to use a mannequin, then the product needs to be elevated about another 60cm to prevent the 'gap' in the products becoming the focal point within this installation. In the meantime, I love the bling merchandise and while I am unlikely to buy anything, it is a pleasure to view.

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