Monday 5 July 2010

Amouage, London

Amouage's flagship store along Lowndes st. here in London, has recently installed this incredible tree in its windows. I don't walk around this part of town very often (well rarely, if I'm honest with you). The SW1 area of London is not my normal stomping ground which is usually reserved for the Uber wealthy, so it was particularly a great treat to happen upon this store on my journey while flaneuring the city and taking a few welcome detours in order to vary what I present. I would recommend occasionally doing this too in order to find such hidden gems as Amouage. Amouage, "was created over a quarter of a century ago as a niche luxury brand" and "draws inspiration from its birthplace of the Sultanate of Oman". I actually hadn't realised just how big this company are - and so global too. Anyway, its transpires that this installation here was developed between the guys at and the clearly creative Director Christopher Chong, based on his collection which had been inspired by the 'tree of life'. The incedibly beautiful illustrations of Aurthur Rackham informed the look or this piece by designers Kathryn Scanlon and Howard Tong and created by Dallas and Angel at DnA factory (you must look at their amazing website). If you don't know KSHT, its OK. I only recently found them too. But now you know them you must take a look at their website and let yourself be amazed at the projects they have worked on. These guys have produced so much for the high street how did I not find them sooner? Anyway, you must check them out here at and add them into your book of must have contacts.

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