Friday 11 June 2010

Gucci, London

Gucci, here in London have recently installed their latest scheme. Large format Black and White graphics, which I am guessing are images of their original stores. These are back lit and form the context for their product. Metallic headless figures present the product and accessories are in a pyramidal / stepped dynamic. Interestingly these photographic images forming the backdrop appear as if the old stores are a reflection in the fenestration itself. As we have seen the use of graphics for eons in store windows it would perhaps have been rather more interesting to have used them in a more exciting and clever way? What I mean by that is, that OK, we have an image of an old Gucci store, which of course looks great, but that's it. This, at least for me makes the whole scheme a little bland and uninteresting. Of course the creative teams are experts in installing these schemes here, but I cant help feeling that I want just a little bit more than the obvious that has been presented. What do you think?

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