Thursday 20 May 2010

Moschino, London

I cant help but really like what this brand does. OK, well I hate the use of the heart motif personally, as any of my students will tell you, although their schemes are usually such good fun. I also have an inclination to the out sized land of the giants stuff, and the use of the eye glasses / spectacles (depending where you live) here are wonderful. How simple is this scheme. With a scheme that is so simply produced I do tend to look more at the detail and actually the attention to detail is superb. I felt that this has a kind of retrospective feel to it and for some reason Cindy Sherman came to my mind (don't all shout at me). Of course, not in an erotic or sexual way, but as if these female mannequins had been captured as part of a much greater narrative. Naturally this is open to interpretation and it can mean whatever one wants it to mean, although perhaps these are more of a witty parody of a media image? And I am a male, after all, viewing a female. However I couldn't help feeling that there was some story beyond this scheme that I'm not privy too, although that's possibly because I actually want it to have some meaning, who knows?

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