Friday 2 April 2010

Monaco Modern Art, London

While flaneuring the city, I happened upon the Monaco Modern Art Gallery along Half Moon St. here in London. Although I have attempted to find out more about the gallery and in particular, the artists showing here in order to share the information with you, sadly there is none available. I have passed this site on many occasions very briefly on my way to see the delights of Knightsbridge here in London but never had the opportunity to stop until now. Anyway, I thought this would be a wonderful place to sell product from as there seems to be a trend in combining modern Art with retail. How wonderful would this place be to buy those desirables from? Alternatively, these kind of places are ripe to find inspiration. Galleries are particularly important in viewing, not just for the Art, but also to be informed with regards to what is happening 'out there'. We can all view the huge exhibitions at the established galleries supported by our taxes, but just finding these tiny little places is the really gem and almost always worth the effort to find.

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