Friday 9 April 2010

Dover st. Market, London

If you happen to be along Dover St. here in London this week (just off Bond St.) then do take the tour of the Baccarat crystal chandeliers at Dover St. market and the Bouchons De Carrafe by Elie Top with the crystal perfume bottles and Brandy decanters from 1910 - 1920. As the marketing screams, "Purity of line clear reflections of light couture extravagance". I have to admit that it sounds rather 'made-up' to me. Ok, if I am honest, what I'm trying to say here, is that it has a huge dose of 'so what' value, particularly when the V&A have all this stuff anyway, and perhaps a friend of a friend has somehow over a caraffe of cut crystal decided that "we-simply-must-have-an-exhibition-of-the-same-old-stuff-that-everyone-else-has-done-forever-but-we-will-promote-you-anyway-because-we-think-you-are-fabulous. Cu'mon Dover st. Market, you guys are one of the most Uber cool and cutting edge places and I do feel, and I am getting the same response from my readers e-mails, that, we feel a little cheated that you are presenting this to us as if it is OK.

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