Wednesday 17 March 2010

Tivoli, Villa D'este, (Gardens) Italy

The gardens at the Villa D'este are probably the most spectacular I think I have ever seen and besides cleansing the creative spirit they do bring a kind of inner peace. The gardens contain 500 jets in fountains, pools and troughs of water. Guiding one throughout the space are a series of inclines and steps, Cris-crossing around a central axis. At every turn there is something else to see which draws to viewer toward it. If this were a commercial space it would probably be enormously successful and therefore there are particular lessons to be learned in relation to creating focal points, pause points and so on. Throughout the gardens there are sudden surprises at every turn and perfect for those of you seeking inspiration from viewing Classical Architecture and renaissance spaces. The Cardinals also certainly had a sense of humour. Well, they were Borgia's, and known for their rape, bribery, incest and murder, although the below image is very tame by today's standards.

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