Monday 1 March 2010

London Retail VM and Display Show 2010 Exhibitor Caroline Humphries

Have you ever really thought about your career? Ok, lets face it, we all have those nagging moments of doubt and questioning (if we are honest) and maybe we wonder if we are on the 'right' path? Perhaps we are on the path that we think we should be on, but maybe secretly not really quite so convinced? My most formative advise regarding my career or at least my experience of the world of work was that I would have to work for 40 years (at least) of my life so I might as well do something I enjoyed. I have always kept this at the front of my mind and do evaluate this, albeit on an ah hoc basis whenever I have moments of doubt (and lets face it, we all do). Although is it really necessary to think in this way? If you happen to be at the Retail VM and Display show at the Business Design Centre this week, do go and have a chat to Business and Career Coach, Caroline Humphries. Caroline is one of the most informed and experienced advisors in this industry and one of the very few (and I mean very few) who have worked in this industry from every perspective - International Retailer, Supplier to Educator. I certainly don't know of anyone who has done all three. We have probably all read 'Feel the Fear and do it anyway....' Women are from Venus.....and so on, but are we simply, perhaps, contextualising what we already know? If you find that you are a creative person working in a Commercial environment - and we all know how stifling and frustrating this can be - simply talking and working with Caroline can help you navigate through the complexities of understanding yourself, support you in developing the confidence in not just making decisions but actually doing 'it' - and doing even more - and letting go of those anxieties that plague the creative process. So, go on, grab your career by the horns and book yourself an appointment.
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Images Curtesy of Caroline Humphries, by Francis Ware,

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