Wednesday 3 March 2010


Were you at the Proportion>London party yesterday evening? No? Then where were you? You would have rubbed shoulders with the likes of WGSN, Fortnum & Mason, M&S, Selfridges....the list goes on. Name after name attended yesterday evening. The launch event at Proportion>London was absolutely incredible. I have been so excited about this event for months and was fortunately given a preview of the launch a few weeks ago as my regular readers know and a taster of what was being presented. Tanya Reynolds the Creative Director (seen below left) looked, as ever, effortlessly elegant (Now, I will let you in on a secret here - but you mustn't tell anyone that you read it here. The whole UK industry loves Tanya's effortlessly elegant style. In fact if you ever mention her name, the first thing anyone says Between you and me, I know this woman has worked relentlessly to achieve this perfection and there are huge lessons here for anyone who wishes to enter this industry, in as much as this is what it takes - hard work). Anyway, if you missed the evening, do contact one of Tanya's wonderful team to view their new collection. I have never met such a sophisticated and cordial bunch of people who are not only talented but so incredibly beautiful too - what more do you want hey?

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