Monday 8 March 2010

Energie, Rome

Further along the Via del Corso, here in Rome, is the Energie store. This is another brand that I dont see very often so it was very exciting to see what they are doing here. This brand looks at blogs and sites all over the globe to keep up to date with the latest trends on the street. I did have to smile to myself, however, as their website seems to have lost some things in translation and they actually say that they 'decline' rather than 'define' trends on the street into various categories. I would look at your site, guys at Energie, as there is quite a crucial difference here in meaning. But anyway, they are clearly hip and trendy and I do like these 3-D words in the window scheme. I'm not wholly convinced that the merchandise hung from the letters works particularly well, but it is that kind of casual brand and therefore perhaps this is perfectly right? Anyway, do go and have a look at what they are doing, they're young and fun and clearly know their market.

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