Friday 15 January 2010

Sale: Jaegar, London

It is so cold here at the moment in London and the snow and ice doesn't help matters. However, I was crossing over Regent st. from Conduit st. here in London while meandering through the West End in order to keep on top of all of the wonderful concepts and ideas that are being explored in the city and came across Jaegar. Of course we can see multiple schemes around the globe that use vinyl on the glass, and Jaegar seem to be using this a lot in the past few schemes, although, to me, this gives this concept an almost 1950's television set feel to their Sale concept.
OK, well it does look a little messy, if I am honest, but it is Sale time and the 'market stall' look seems to be de riguer here in town. Anyway, again we can see the land-of-the-giants sized lettering, as used in Fenwicks too along Bond St., only these are glittery too. Jaegar, usually produce very high quality schemes, although not necessarily particularly creative, but what they do, they do well. Anyway, role on post-sale.

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