Sunday 24 January 2010

Jihad the Musical, London

As part of my teaching practice I always encourage my students to see as many Shows, Exhibitions, Films, go to the Theatre, view animations, experience Concerts and so on as part of their research. I find it is far easier to work as a Designer if one is able to establish what already exists and therefore avoid a time consuming journey reinventing the wheel and use these experiences to draw upon within ones own work. I happened to have been bought a ticket to see Jihad the musical which of course I jumped at the chance if only because of the name itself. I do adore the Theatre and I highly recommend visiting as many shows as possible in order to find Inspiration and ideas from the whole spectacle, which can of course include the sets, the lighting used, the costumes, the music etc. as well as being an enjoyable experience. The reviews for this musical were rather scathing and rather than a musical were described more as Pantomime. Well it still is Panto. season, so who cares. If you fancy a bit of camp frippery, do go an see this 'musical'. It is a little trashy but the venue holds possibly 30 people so it does feel like a private show, there are some great one liners and it does have a feel good factor about it.

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