Tuesday 5 January 2010

Catherine Malandrino, New York

I have been following this brand from a distance for the past 10 years after I originally came across the Catherine Malandrino (Herrine) store in SoHo here in New York. I think it was the light wall that initially attracted me and I always made a point to return each year to the same place to see if they did anything different and get my annual fix. Interestingly the brand has really grown and new stores are popping up around the world (and concessions) including this one in the Meatpacking district on Hudson. While checking out Catherine's website, which really is such a gem of a find she clearly has a strong philosophy, integrity and direction, drawing on all types of resources for inspiration from Music, Art, film and so on which is such a pleasure to read as often these types of designers are usually so secretive that one would have to squeeze out the tiniest snippet of information about how they work and what interests them and usually one finds very little. Catherine is clearly cultured and now I am able to see the level of depth to her thinking which I find so fascinating. Do go along to the store in the Meatpacking district (even if if you don't like women's fashion) just to see how incredible it looks.

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