Tuesday 15 December 2009

Alexander McQueen, London

The past few schemes here at McQueen's have been very, very exciting. As I think I have mentioned before, these windows have illuminated glass floors which makes this space quite a difficult one to work with. Well the team here seem to manage it perfectly well. Artists easels and paint splattered walls and mannequins create this scheme. The male figure, a Gold skeleton works so superbly in this scheme too. After seeing all of the recent bling, bling, of Christmas schemes I feel quite refreshed on viewing this concept. If you have just come out of Fortnum's to buy your groceries, or spent all of your money at Prada, you must swing by here and take a look - and at least that's free. Tomorrow, I will be viewing and recording the latest schemes in New York. It will be a rush to get the blog out on time due to the time difference and travelling, but first stop will be Bergdorf Goodman to check out their latest spectacle, which I anticipate will be incredible.

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