Monday 9 November 2009

Changing Window Schemes

One of the things we usually don't see as the viewing public are the people working late into the night to bring us the amazing visuals along the high street. These guys work incredibly hard, often all night, often several nights and days in a row until the final schemes are revealed. As we enter the Christmas season, possibly the most spectacular time of the year in industry, this also means an exhausting schedule for the people involved in implementing the schemes. While many retailers have already installed their schemes, there are a few retailers working steadily up to their launch. Here are just a few examples of some of the schemes either about to be launched or just beginning the process. Please remember to spare a thought for all of those people who are working incredibly hard to bring us the spectacle that we perhaps sometimes take for granted.

Something in gold leaf at Max Mara.................................

Ralph Lauren windows - were the chandeliers sat on Bond St. going in or coming out?

Preparation for the launch of Jimmy Choo at H&M

Hermes new scheme in progress

Apologies to the guy in the window at Louis Vuitton....!

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