Wednesday 11 November 2009

Bershka, London

Bershka, here in London, has installed this interesting concept. The female mannequins look superb and the male figures look like men - real men. This makes a refreshing change from the usual camp figures we can view across the brands. Not that I mind feminine male figures in the slightest, and well, just as shoes for females come in every conceivable range, men are limited to the usual Black, Brown and Grey, and so it is with male figures. Either they look like neanderthals or they look like they would bitch about your make-up, there doesn't seem to a male figure that falls in between these two extremes. However, Bershka seem to have achieved a balanced look that works very well. My only criticism here is the use of the props. i.e. chandeliers and gold sprayed chairs, which while they work very well within this concept they have been used a lot and only recently chandeliers could be seen in Mango just around the corner, Joseph on Bond Street, even currently in Harvey Nichols etc, and FCUK have used a similar type of chair as have other brands recently and throughout the Summer. I feel time invested looking around to see what others are doing or have done when planning a scheme is time well spent.

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