Friday 16 October 2009

Stella McCartney, London

I find it quite difficult to describe Stella McCartney's visual communication concepts. Stella is such an Uber designer and I am always a little surprised by these schemes in her London Store. Figures have been placed in a linear and repetitive format and Brown paper bags with painted faces of a variety of characters from clowns to Lions have been placed over their heads. I really cannot say any more than this about the concept. I feel that perhaps this needs a much stronger concept behind it to support the amazing merchandise or remove the figures completely. Alternatively, I think I would have probably only used three figures as a group or have separate groups of two and three. Maybe there could have been a figure sat on the floor or even added plinths to give different levels of height to form a pyramid. Either way, I feel it would have added a great deal of interest and promoted what is essentially an interesting brand.

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