Wednesday 21 October 2009

Moschino, London

I managed to capture this scheme by Moschino just a few hours before it was dismantled (last picture below). This brand produce some quite abstract schemes for their window and this is no exception. Here we can see them use these out sized mirrors, one of which forms the head of the seated figure. I like to see these land-of-the-giants style props which seem be cropping up a lot recently in a variety of schemes across London. However, I am not quite sure what this scheme is saying to me. Are these mirrors reflecting our vanity? or are they just props placed without any real thought? Are they perhaps a part of a much bigger campaign that I am not aware of or just a random thought. I feel that these schemes should communicate at least something to the viewer. Or, are we perhaps supposed to fill in the gaps ourselves and just look knowingly at them and at least pretend to understand?

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