Monday 19 October 2009

Jigsaw, London

It was so sad to find that the the Jigsaw store along Bond Street here in London had completely gone, and so quickly too. I am guessing that this was the flagship for the brand and so many really creative ideas were coming out from this store. It is sadly typical of this credit crunch time we find ourselves in and I guess these things have to happen to keep the smaller stores afloat. I am finding more and more of these empty sites around London and it really is so sad. Thankfully, the smaller Jigsaw stores along Argyll Street and Notting Hill are alive and maybe the kind of schemes that have been produced work better on a smaller scale. Anyway, the current scheme uses these land-of-the-giants out sized cotton reels. They are quite good fun creating the illusion that the bust forms and mannequins have almost Lilliputian proportions.

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