Tuesday 22 September 2009

Juicy Couture, London

The use of triangles in presentation is one of the most important structures that adds dynamism and strength to the visual aspects of a window or in store display. The triangle suggests strength and dependability more than any other geometrical form apart from the pyramid and arch form. Of course, it is difficult to 'fit' my drawn triangles into a scheme that may not have originally been designed from this view, however we are able to see at least the idea. The scheme, (I am guessing - but there are strong clues here) is based on Alfred Hitchcock's, 1963 suspense The Birds. A large white wired cage exploding with feathers forms a focal point in this scheme. I think this is all that is needed as the rest of what we might expect as a 'visual' is filled in by our creative minds. What is quite unusual here however is the mixture of both Mannequins and bust forms in one scheme. One bust form is used to carry the merchandise, the other is used as a prop which is covered in Black feathers. This is quite an unusual combination but I think it works incredibly well, providing both entertainment and yet being able to sell to the target audience.

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