Sunday 9 August 2009

Fda Display Design: Kathryn Kane

Kathryn Kane: Fda Display Design Student
On a recent trip to Edinburgh, I took the opportunity to have a look at the various displays Edinburgh store shad to offer. As it was the beginning of the sale season there wasn’t much to offer in terms of ‘eye catching’ displays, but I did manage to find a few little, simple ones. Here I found two at Jenners, Edinburgh’s long-standing department store. The first is a little window display for the Haberdashery department. There is a lot of movement, which draws your attention to all the little products around the display and focuses the eye to concentrate on every little detail. I feel that this display has worked well in such a tiny little space. The next display at Jenners is for the Food Hall department. I thought that this was quite a nice display, due to the products being very simply displayed in the pyramid format typically seen in displays. There is also a graphic to the left of the display which sets the scene that these are authentic Italian products. This display uses the simplest of display techniques, which has been put together perfectly, therefore creating a very neat display.

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