Wednesday 12 August 2009

Central St. Martins Interior Styling Course: Sarah Zimmer

Sarah Zimmer Germany / London
There are many different types of journey. The journey to healing, the journey to your Holiday resort, the journey to success and the trip back home. After a long exhausting day at work to (finally) relax and let go.
A journey is defined as a process of travelling from one place to another, hence figuratively a passage through life. The Interior Styling course has been an inspiring journey, as an Interior Stylist creates and sends their client on a journey each time. It can be an imaginary one to the Provence, to the countryside in the UK, to the seaside in Spain or to Disneyland. It is a journey through time and style. A trip to the clients dreamland.
We all need to set sail one day to begin the journey of a thousand miles and it begins with one step. I have begun my journey by joining this inspiring course...!

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