Tuesday 25 August 2009

Chanel, Sloane Street, London

I really do love Chanel's products. They are absolutely at the forefront of fashion, and the store in SoHo in New York is particularly wonderful, as are the people who work there. However, ......and I never wish to be derogatory...... and this is not what this blog is about, although I am just simply not sure how to interpret their windows - and I have felt like this for along time, if I am honest. I have never met anyone who has produced their schemes, not that I suppose that means anything really, but I am interested in who does. I feel that this concept is one of their better ones and that the details look amazing, yet, from an emotional response perspective I am always left feeling that something somewhere is missing in their concepts? I have looked at, and followed Chanel for a long time in many different cities and I do find it quite difficult to be constructive about their presentation. I must ask 'followers' what do you think? Am I being harsh? Chanel display team, please let me know the context in which these concepts are produced? I would dearly like to work on the concepts for these schemes.

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