Wednesday 29 July 2009

ERCO Lighting, London

ERCO Lighting, has been one of the most generous companies to us in Education in giving their time in presentations to our students at their fabulous showroom in Dover street (and actually at their showroom in Dubai too where they kindly talked about the incredible projects that they have worked on in the Emirates). I came here once when I was a student over twenty years ago and never forgot their generosity and I am sure my students and graduates will not either.
I once taught a group of students from Kazakhstan, at the School of Art in the capital - only one student spoke English so you can imagine how time consuming my lecture sessions were as each piece of information was gradually translated. It was also quite unnerving having 40 video cameras thrust at me for each lecture session - almost as if I was about to give out a secret formula - of course there really isn't one in this industry, just creativity, ingenuity, interest and plain old hard, hard work.
I took them to ERCO Lighting when we came to London. The guys at ERCO were incredibly patient in explaining to the group fundamental information needed for lighting a space, and it, subsequently being translated piece by painful piece.
I happened to be walking along Dover Street one evening recently and remembered that ERCO also owned the very last piece of work produced by the amazing Verner Panton - well I believe so anyway (pictured at the back of the top image)

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