Thursday 23 July 2009

Central St. Martins, Interior Design for Retail Course, Student Guest Blogger Elsa Sanchez

Elsa Sanchez: Industrial Designer, Mexico
This was my first time in London, another amazing city that never sleeps… this place offers lots of options and many things to enjoy, whatever you want to do is possible, great to party, great museums, wonderful shows, beautiful landscapes…and everywhere you feel different atmospheres but all of them have their own charm!
The first few days in my trip were really sunny, and while I was walking just in front of Dali´s museum, there was an ice sculpture just melting and losing its beautiful shape… I took some pictures and then, I realized that Big Ben, Thames River, the ice and the Sun were playing a fantastic composition just showing how I will remember London…

This below is an example in Mexico city in my work place. The display itself is inside the store rather than in a window, which I think is what is so interesting. This is the first time since we opened, that we have used a Mannequin and not in the window, just in one of the sets that illustrates to customers, our living room furniture.
This display was created to explain a service that we offer for people that are planning to get married, and is for those who want to buy their presents in our store for this kind of event. The mannequin represents a bride with some gifts around the furniture and accessories that we sell.

What do you think about our display at Casa Palacio Retail Store in Mexico?

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