Tuesday 2 June 2009

Integrated Student Project 2009

The Engaging Places project explored, interpreted and reflected the society in which we live. Through Engaging people within a ‘place’ identified by their groups the students were be able to explore relationships, history, culture and opportunities in how to engage people to create a ‘successful’ place. The challenge was connecting the present with the past and the future and re-packaging this as a team to present to the judges for their final presentation. The task was to design/ propose /create a place that they found engaging on some level and what they thought would be engaging for others. As the project was so wide ranging this was an opportunity for the students to explore, for example, why their local cinema may be closing, the Theatre, Museum or library so close to home has already closed?
Students thought of Engaging Places in the broadest sense by drawing on the information provided by a lecture series which included lectures by Jane Alison (Curator of the Barbican), Caroline Humphries and Lousie Callum and Susan Williamson (The Chambers and Shining Red) and by taking advice from allocated consultant tutors.

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